Let’s build a parallel economy.

Please note that this website is under construction as we are working on a translation of the French Version of it (https://monnaie-libre.fr/) ! Please be patient as we are only volunteering on our free time for this translation.

The Libre currency is a monetary system in which people equally co-create money everyday. The Universal Dividend (UD), which is the value created by each member of the system, changes over time to ensure an equal share of money throughout generations.

In a Libre Currency system, the price of goods and services is determined by the two parties involved in an exchange.

Ğ1 is the first Libre Currency ever created and is built on a crypto-currency blockchain.

Watch this video on the basics of Libre Currency :

A Community Currency to Expand your Freedom and Creativity!

Expand your Freedom

The Libre Currency is designed to respect basic economic freedoms. You are free to use resources and create value. You are free to choose any monetary system and trade with its currency.

Develop your Creativity

You don’t have to strive to survive, as you are ensured to create a small amount of Ğ1 everyday. Now you can focus on creating and sharing your work and best skills with your community. The Libre Currency is a powerful tool for artists, nature keepers and any work that is not « profitable » in a debt system.

Decentralize the power

No central authority controls the Ğ1 Libre Currency. It is people-powered and decentralized.

Build a local economy

The Libre Currency is a worldwide currency empowering local and circular economies.

Empower your community

The more connected your community is, the more trusted the network of members and the more valuable your Ğ1 become.

How does it work ?

1. Meet and Learn

The Libre Currency is a way to rethink monetary systems. We encourage you to meet members to better understand this new system before you start creating your Ğ1 currency.

2. Create your wallet

Cesium is an app for sending and receiving Ğ1 currency as well as managing your account. Download it and create a « simple wallet ».

3. Trade goods and services

Start offering goods and services to receive some Ğ1 in your wallet. You can post your offer on Gchange. Mention #Remote and #English if there’s no members in your area.

4. Become a member

To become a member and start creating UD everyday, you must have your account certified by 5 other members. No need to rush, your certifications will come naturally as you trade and meet with Ğ1 members.

Connect with the Ğ1 Community

Events Calendar

You can find out about events coming up by checking on the Libre Currency Forum. If there are no events nearby, you can participate in online meetings. You can also organize your own event and advertise it on the forum.

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